A Dominatrix reflects on Femdom, Trampling and her day to day life

A Dominatrix reflects on Femdom, Trampling and her day to day life
High Heel Trampling, Video and Femdom

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Members Site

I have a new members site in the works
It's going to be very exciting with a lot of video clips and access to me as a fetish and femdom advisor. This is an all new endeavor for me and I've been having a great time choosing clips for this.
I can't wait to give you all my new URL for this

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010


I trampled the slave today in such a cruel way. It's just that I was in such a MOOD. Of course this "MOOD" is completely to blame on my mighty hormones, however the awareness of this doesn't stop me from being very short with everyone, and downright mean and nasty. I just don't feel like being nice.
Before the carpet came over today, I also had half a bottle of wine for lunch which typically escalates any mood I may be in. This time, it made me from mean, to a monster.
So I laid him down in the living room and put on some leggings and high stilettos. Then I just went to town on his face and belly. He couldn't take any of what I had to give, because I completely omitted a warm up. I started trampling super hard right from the get go.
He was squirming and screaming, and the more he did that, the harder I trampled. I placed some beautiful marks on him and I felt satisfied with the look. There was unbelievable tension within me, and somehow the trampling just released all the negativity. I feel much better now

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inside the Woman

Inside the Woman's mind, the dominant woman's mind, it seems absurd that a man would anything else but an object that serves her purpose.
He may be the doormat, the carpet and stepping ground wherever she walks, both figuratively and literally. In doing this he would be fulfilling his life's greatest honor.
I always think that what other way could an omega man contribute and therefore take part in my life? Perhaps some other enslavement...but outside of being my object to use as I please I see very little to no possibility. That is just the way that it is.
Good thing I've become such a master trampler. Many men love to suffer for me, and take great pride in serving me. This is most suited to the choices I've made in my life, so therefore we have all become a very happy family...

Trampling seems to be one of those things that happen to be a natural expression of me.
I think those marks I leave on my subjects are gifts more significant than kisses could ever be. And any one who bears the pain of my heel, is bequeathed with the greatest gifts of all: The divine and infinite feminine love that is present.
Yes I do believe that Female Domination, and therefore trampling, is an exercise in Goddess Veneration and Connection to the Infinite Forces of the Universe.